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Patient Stories

Rikke Behrenz, Denmark

My partner and I decided we would like to have a child. I have two children from my first marriage but now at the age of 40, I was very aware of the potential  fertility issues and the risk of having a baby with a chromosomal defect. Unfortunately my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage but then after 3 more months of trying I became pregnant again – and then all my worries started!

I knew there was a 1% risk of miscarriage associated with invasive diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis and CVS. Even though this is a relatively small figure, it was still too high for me to risk unecessarily with my pregnancy.

With the NIFTY® test there is no risk to the baby, as it just involves a simple blood sample taken from the mother, so the decision was very easy for me to make. We canceled our scheduled amniocentesis and in late January 2014 I had my blood test carried out  at a healthcare provider called Scanning House, which is near where I live in Silkeborg, Denmark.

I had complete peace of mind in the week we waited for the answer from the NIFTY® test because I was completely resolved – even if the result had come back positive I knew I wanted to keep the baby and the test result would mean that I could better plan the prenatal care I would need to receive. It gave me the peace I needed, so I could continue enjoying my pregnancy. Two weeks after the test was done, we received the result: the result had come back as low risk and we were due to have a healthy little girl!

I am happy to say, my beautiful daughter was born on 29th June, 2014.

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Zoe Evans, UK

I am a little bit older, and I was worried there might be complications with my pregnancy. I know every pregnancy is important, but this is my first child and probably my only child and so I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks, which could lead to miscarriage, such as with a procedure like amniocentesis.

In my opinion the NIFTY® test is definitely worth its money because it is so accurate, it is very safe and it was very simple to do. It is just a simple blood test. I would pay over and over again to make sure of the accuracy.

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Angharad and Paul Desrosiers, UK

We had IVF so we were very excited when the result came back positive. Until you find out that everything is clear, you always have in the back of your head that there could be something wrong. When we had the NIFTY™ test done, it was just a simple blood test like any other blood test that you would have.

I think the test allows you to deal with the situation that you are going to be in whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

We can now enjoy the pregnancy rather than being worried about problems that might occur later on. The test is definitely worth it, it was brilliant.

There is no harm to the baby or me.

I would strongly advise for everyone to have it.

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