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Sympozjum w Istanbule —Genomika w medycynie reproduktywnej została pomyślnie wdrożona

--- 29 Oct 2014

(relacja w wersji angielskiej)

Listopad 17, 2013, Istanbuł, Turcja

November 17, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey–The Istanbul Symposium-Genomics in Reproductive Medicine, co-organized by BGI, Acibadem University, and Acibadem Labgen, was successfully held at Acibadem University, Istanbul. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for scientific leaders, genomic experts to share experiences on how to bring ideas from genomics research institutes into clinical applications. Included among the featured speakers were famous scientists, university professors and clinicians from organizations such as BGI, Acibadem University, UNILABS, University of Copenhagen and Acibadem Hospital, among others, sharing their insights on prenatal test and PGD/PGS in Europe especially in Turkey. In the Genetic Diagnosis session, Dr. Radoje Drmanac from Complete Genomics Inc, USA, said that the accurate and affordable whole-genome sequencing (WGS) was the ultimate genetic test for advanced reproductive medicine and genomic healthcare. “When being applied on a large scale, the massively parallel DNA sequencing will be a robust tool for advancing reproductive medicine and genomic healthcare as well as a long-term standardization of health related industries.” When discussing IVF and PGD/PGS, Dr. Necati Findikli, director of Embryology Laboratories, focusing on the initial and historical development of PGS, summarized and evaluated the current situations. He said, “The use of next generation sequencing (NGS) in PGD has been the hot topic for the past years and the validation studies of NGS to be used in PGD have been ongoing with a limited number of case reports.” The session of NIPD and NIFTY was started with a speech by Professor Dr. Timur Gurgan from Acibadem Hospital. In this session, Cong Yu, vice president of BGI Europe, presented a whole picture of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) from benchside to bedside. BGI’s large-scale clinical practice proved that MPS-based test is of high sensitivity and specificity in detecting fetal common trisomies. Compared to traditional prenatal screening, this MPS-based test could avoid about 99.05% of invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures. Subsequently, Dr. Ibrahim Bildirici from Acibadem Hospital, Dr. Oktay Kadayifci from Onkim Stem Cell Technologies Inc., Dr. Alfonso Alba Menéndez from UNILABS and Dr. M. Cengiz Yakicier from Acibadem Hospital, respectively talked about the rules of prenatal diagnosis, ethical issues, and the clinical practices of Next Generation Sequencing and NGS. This one-day symposium has achieved great success, which provided an excellent platform for researchers to exchange ideas and share experiences on genetic testing and clinical applications. For more conference information, please visit http://www.bgilearning.com/Turkey/index.html

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