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How do I get a NIFTY™ test?

NIFTY™ has an existing network of over 2000 clinical partners in 52 countries. Please contact us if you’re not sure where your nearest NIFTY™ test provider is located. We can be reached via email at and will get back to you within 1 working day.

For UK based patient enquiries regarding nearest testing centres, please contact our partners below:

Innermost Healthcare
For Wales, Southwest England and Ireland
This Is My (TIM)
For England (Central, East, North) and Scotland

Test Process

  1. Schedule a visit and ask your healthcare provider about the NIFTY™ test.
  2. When you’re happy, get your blood drawn (all NIFTY™ requires is a small maternal blood sample).
  3. Review your test results with your healthcare provider within 2 weeks.

Note, if your current healthcare provider does not offer NIFTY™, they can easily register here on our website.