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Our cutting-edge next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms are powered by combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) and improved DNA Nanoballs (DNBSEQTM) technology. The cPAS chemistry works by incorporating a fluorescent probe to a DNA anchor on the DNB, followed by high-resolution digital imaging. This combination of linear amplification and DNBSEQTM technology reduces the error rate while enhancing the signal. Additionally, since only one DNB is bound per active site, the size of DNB is well controlled. This patterned array technology provides sequencing accuracy and improves chip utilization and sample density.

DNBSEQTM Technology

A Whole Solution for Localization

As a trusted NIPT provider, we are proud to offer the next step in the evolution of NIPT testing by providing a local laboratory solution powered by our own proprietary DNBSEQ sequencing technology.

  • Reagent

  • Equipment

  • Bioinformatic

  • Technical Support

One Automatic Workflow

  • 36

    hours in total

  • >99%*

    accuracy for T21, T18, T13

  • <0.01%*

    failure rate

The NIFTY® Local Lab Solution is an automated and validated workflow including CE-IVD–marked sample preparation and assay software.

From sample preparation to sequencing to report, the NIFTY® Local Lab Solution streamlines testing into one comprehensive workflow with start-to-finish run time down to 36 hours.

*Data are obtained under experimental conditions and may fluctuate with the laboratory environment.

Services of Technology Transfer

  • Preparation

    • Laboratory design
    • Environment testing
    • Equipment and consumables list review

  • Installation

    • Site inspection
    • Reagent performance testing
    • Sequencer installation
    • Samples preparation

  • On-site Training & Testing

    • Training runs
    • Parallel testing
    • Results validation
    • Certification

  • After Service

    • Tech report
    • Software upgrades
    • Application support
    • Field service support

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Should you have a question regarding your nearest NIFTY testing availability, or if you are interested in becoming a NIFTY test provider, please send us an email at info@bgi.com

We will endeavour to respond to all queries within a 24 hour period, Monday-Friday.

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