NIFTY® mono identifies fetal conditions that may not otherwise be detected by traditional prenatal screening.

  • Screens for conditions common across all maternal ages

    All pregnant women-regardless of age–are at equal risk of the genetic conditions screened by this test. Furthermore, family history is typically not a good indicator of probability.

  • Identifies conditions that may have otherwise gone undetected prenatally

    These conditions are not typically associated with abnormal prenatal ultrasound findings (especially in the first trimester), or may not be evident until the late second/third trimester, or cannot be detected with other molecular screening methods.

  • Screens for genetic disorders associated with advanced paternal age

    NIFTY® mono screens for genetic conditions (e.g. Crouzon syndrome, Apert syndrome, Osteogenesis imperfecta, etc.) which are associated with advanced paternal age (men who are >40 years of age)[1] , ensuring a comprehensive screen for couples of advanced age.


1.Kong, Augustine, Frigge, et al, Rate of de novo mutations and the importance of father’s age to disease risk[J]. Nature. 2012, 488:471-475.